The worldwide leader in electric boat drives

Torqeedo has led the way in electric mobility on the water for more than a decade through superior technology and clean, uncompromising engines.

As pioneers in the field of water-based electromobility, we have set many standards since founding Torqeedo, reinforcing the lead of our electric marine engines over all other solutions available on the market. Superior technology and revolutionary benefits are what we set out to achieve. And every product that Torqeedo brings to market meets both these criteria. All our drive systems operate at record levels in overall efficiency, the most important measure of electric propulsion, as it determines potential power and range for a battery supply.

Torqeedo drives include outboards up to 80 HP, inboards up to 136 PS, pod drives to 25 HP, a 40 HP saildrive, and hybrid drives for yachts and commercial applications up to 272 HP. We also offer market-leading battery technology, a wide range of accessories, and spare parts.

Simple manoeuvring

The Torqeedo range has strong propulsive power at slow motor speeds and are extremely easy to manoeuvre thanks to their continuously adjustable forward/reverse movement.

No fuel costs

No expensive fuel needed! And a full charge will drive your boat for up to 20 hours at low speeds.

Simply quiet

Whisper quiet, so you can talk normally on board even at full speed. No yelling above the engine moan anymore.

Simple charging

Power up rom any power socket, at home or on the go. Or – depending on the model – charge using solar power with our optional solar panel charging kits.

Zero emissions

No emissions, no exhaust fumes, and no more leaking petrol or oil. The better way to experience the water.


Electric motors for kayaks & canoes

The ideal kayak fishing motor is quiet, lightweight, efficient and durable. Your Ultralight will take you to remote fishing grounds and allows easy, hands-free manoeuvring. On touring kayaks and canoes, the Ultralight serves as a compact range extender for extended tours and expeditions.


For tenders, dinghies and daysailers up to 1.5 tonnes

With its integrated lithium battery and its outstanding efficiency, the Travel is the alternative to a small petrol outboard. The Travel can do everything that a 3 HP outboard motor can. But it’s lighter, cleaner, quieter and more convenient. The Travel easily propels tenders, dinghies and daysailers up to 1.5 tons and – when it’s needed – over long distances, too.


For motorboats and sailboats up to 10 tonnes

The new Cruise outboards have been designed to meet the demanding challenges of everyday recreational and heavyt duty commercial use, making them ready to take on the harshest environmental conditions. The long-distance specialist among the outboards continues to impress with unrivalled efficiency and outstanding range.

Cruise Pod Drives

For sailboats and motorboats up to 10 tonnes

Inconspicuous yet powerful, the new Cruise pod models offer high-tech propulsion in the 6 to 25 HP performance class. Suitable for sailing vessels and some motorboats up to 10 tonnes and available with a range of propeller options.

Deep Blue Outboards

For commercial operators and green boaters

It is not just power and performance that make Deep Blue outboards the first of its kind. It is unparalleled performance combined with full system integration and ground breaking safety levels that set Deep Blue apart from all other electric propulsion systems on the market.

Inboard Engines

Electric inboard engines for boats with shafting

Deep Blue is the first high-power propulsion system in serial production. It consists of a fully integrated system in which all components are designed to match each other seamlessly, and to work together perfectly on the water. An overall concept that is unique in terms of safety, performance and range. The superior motors from Torqeedo can also be installed in boats with shafting for displacement sailing with 1400 rpm or for planing with 1800 rpm.

Accessories & Batteries

All Torqeedo accessories and charging equipment are characterized by impressive convenience and state of the art technology. Our practical bag sets makes transporting and storing your Torqeedo that much easier, while our innovative TorqTrac app will turn your smartphone into an onboard computer. Batteries, chargers, propellers and cables are all available for your Torqeedo.