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In the interests of getting the very best out of your diesel engine, we recommend and use only genuine factory replacement parts, as recommended by the manufacturer.


Formulated to the exacting standards of the company’s products, Yanmar’s range of oils and coolants are recommended for all Yanmar diesel engines.

In choosing Yanmar oils and coolants, customers can not only expect dependable engine operation, but can be confident in enhancing engine longevity through reduced wear, scuffing and corrosion.

The Monograde SAE 30 CC/CD and 40 CC/CD oils are available in containers from 1 litre up to 20 litres. Yanmar engine oil is complemented by a comprehensive range of quality Yanmar engine oil filters.

Yanmar concentrated coolant is available in 5 or 20 litre containers. Concentrated coolant must be premixed with clean potable water before it is added to an engine cooling water system. If in doubt about the local water quality, use distilled water.

Ask us about which oil products are best suited for your marine or industrial engines.


To get the best out of your marine or industrial engines, it is important to adhere to recommended service intervals for the change of oil and fuel filters, and for regular inspections, checks and adjustments. Refer to your engine operators’ manual for correct procedure, or talk to one of our technicians.