Yanmar Powerboat Engines

Yanmar engines are built to cope with extreme conditions on the water. Because Yanmar manufactures virtually all its own components, you can be assured its engines are produced to the strictest tolerances and highest quality.

Product range for Yanmar powerboat engines includes
Shaft and jet drive models:

  • LHA Series 160-240 mhp
  • LPA  Series 315 mhp
  • BY3 series 150-260 mhp
  • 8LV series 320-370 mhp
  • LY2 Series 330-440 mhp
  • LY3 Series 380-480 mhp

Sterndrive models:

  • LHA Series 240 mhp
  • BY3 Series 150-260 mhp
  • 8LV Series 320-370 mhp

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