John Deere 6135S Series

PowerTech™ 13.5L Marine Engine

If you have a high horsepower marine application you’ll definitely want to check out our new 13.5L engine. It delivers reliable and durable power up to 559 kW (750 hp) in a compact, heat exchanger cooled configuration with side or front service locations.

More horses in the engine room aren’t the only things you’ll like about our new 13.5L. Like all John Deere marine engines, it also features low noise, low vibration, and excellent fuel economy. And with high torque at low RPM, you get excellent vessel control and manoeuvring. Enjoy all this, along with more power and flexibility, with our new 61 35SFM75 marine engine.

  • Watercooled Turbocharger and Exhaust Manifold
  • Directed Top-liner Cooling
  • Replaceable Wet-type Cylinder Liners
  • Heat Exchanger


Rated speed (rpm) 1800-2200
Number of cylinders 6
Engine Type In-line, 4 Cycle
Bore and stroke (mm,mm) 132 x 165

Price: $0.00

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