John Deere 6068S Series

PowerTech™ 6.8L Marine Engines

The 6.8L six-cylinder engine is offered as either a propulsion or gen drive engine in either keel cooled or heat exchanger configurations. The engines are either turbocharged, non-aftercooled, turbocharged with jacket water aftercooling or turbocharged with seawater after cooling. The propulsion engines feature constant power to 400 rpm below rated speed, making these engines an excellent choice for launches, work boats, trawler yachts, and patrol craft.

  • Watercooled Exhaust Manifold
  • Replaceable wet-type cylinder liners
  • Corrosion Resistant Components
  • Either-side Service


Rated speed (rpm) 2400-2600
Number of cylinders 6
Engine Type In-line, 4 Cycle
Bore and stroke (mm,mm) 106 x 127

Price: $0.00

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