Industrial Generators

Power Equipment offers an extensive range of generators for industrial applications, from inverter diesel units to silent compact generators. Our technicians and sales people will be happy to advise which generator may best suit your needs.

Yanmar YDG Series 2.2-6.6KVA

Ideal for power, mobility and economy on a smaller scale. Dusk to dawn without fill-up. Instant starts, low maintenance, quiet operation.

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Yanmar EGI Inverter Generator Series 7.5-11KVA

  • Inverter Technology
  • Sound Attenuated canopy
  • Low noise levels
  • Energy saving operation
  • Light weight and compact design
  • Ideal for sensitive electronic equipment


The first Inverter-type Power Generator in this Class with High Quality Power Supply

The inverter system and CVCF control ensure power supply comparable to any commercial power source. High Output Output at 50Hz has been increased by 20% to ensure equal output at both 50Hz and 60Hz.


Our compact vertical water-cooled diesel engine and inverter-type power generator enable us to create a lightweight compact design with great portability.


Our energy-saving system that constantly keeps engine rotation to the minimum necessary, coupled with noise reducing muffler and optimally matched acoustic absorbent materials, make this generator up to 10dB(A) quieter than previous models.


In addition our energy-saving system that optimizes engine rotation makes this model up to 40% more fuel efficient than previous models.



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Yanmar YH Series 13.4-55.0KVA

The range of models delivers premium quality power generation. Engineered for standby operation in a wide variety of commercial situations, or as the prime power source for industrial and construction sites, the YH Series delivers clean and reliable power. Excellent noise attenuation, operator-friendly controls.

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Centre Pivot Generators 4-9.5kW

Purpose-built to match the engine to the constant running load of the irrigator motor, and alternator to the starting capacity of the irrigator motor. Can be matched to 3-phase irrigators from 3-9 spans, with or without end booster pumps. Can also be paired with any of the Yanmar Engine Protection or Control Systems. All outlets and circuit breakers are weatherproof.

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