Marine Engines

Yanmar are renowned for their outstanding performance and rugged reliability. Beautifully engineered, Yanmar’s quiet running, low emission diesels are backed by unrivalled innovation and industry-leading technology. From pleasurecraft to commercial, 9hp to 5000hp, there’s a Yanmar to suit every purpose on the water.

Yanmar Sailing Engines

Yanmar diesels are the lightest, most dependable inboard engines available for sailboats. Smooth and quiet, packed with industry-leading technology, Yanmar engines are underpinned by the goal to develop more power for less weight.

Product range for Yanmar sailing engines includes:

  • GM/YM Series Shaftdrive 9-29 mhp
  • GM/YM Series Saildrive 9-29 mhp
  • JH5 Series Shaftdrive 39-54 mhp
  • JH5/4T Series Saildrive 39-75 mhp
  • JH3/4(T) Series Shaftdrive 75-125 mhp

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Yanmar Powerboat Engines

Yanmar engines are built to cope with extreme conditions on the water. Because Yanmar manufactures virtually all its own components, you can be assured its engines are produced to the strictest tolerances and highest quality.

Product range for Yanmar powerboat engines includes
Shaft and jet drive models:

  • LHA Series 160-240 mhp
  • LPA  Series 315 mhp
  • BY3 series 150-260 mhp
  • 8LV series 320-370 mhp
  • LY2 Series 330-440 mhp
  • LY3 Series 380-480 mhp

Sterndrive models:

  • LHA Series 240 mhp
  • BY3 Series 150-260 mhp
  • 8LV Series 320-370 mhp

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Yanmar Commercial Engines

Yanmar delivers reliable power with exceptional fuel economy, lower emissions and quiet operation. Owners of commercial fishing boats, fishing charters, and tourist vessels choose Yanmar for these reasons, as well as for overall lower operating costs.

Product range for Yanmar commercial engines includes:

  • GMY Series 13.2 mhp
  • JHY Series 35 mhp
  • CH3 Series 78-280 mhp
  • 6CXB Series 360-509 mhp
  • 6HA2 Series 278-405 mhp
  • 6HY Series 500-700 mhp
  • 6AY Series 659-911 mhp
  • 12AY Series 1200-1822 mhp

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MAN Marine Engines

MAN diesel engines are exemplary in environmental terms, meeting all of the world’s major emissions regulations. With power ranging from 400 to 1900 hp, straight 6-cylinder or V8/V12, plus their legendary innovative, dependable technology, there is a MAN engine to suit your pleasurecraft, luxury yacht or commercial vessel. Impressive acceleration with smooth power transfer for a comfortable ride at sea.

Product range for MAN marine engines includes:

  • 6 cylinder models 440-800 hp
  • V8 8 cylinder models 600-1200 hp
  • V12 12 cylinder models 749-1900 hp

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Torqeedo Electric Propulsion Systems

Torqeedo’s high-tech outboard motors sustainably convert battery energy into clean, powerful performance. All motors are equipped with integrated onboard computers.

From 1 to 80hp, Torqeedo motors achieve best overall efficiency in their class. Batteries and motors are waterproofed to IP67. Dramatically reduce air and water pollution with advanced Torqeedo technology. Sustainable charging options include a solar charging device and a solar charging controller.

Torqeedo’s superior drive technology means more options, greater range, lower carbon footprint for electric boats. Plus: lower engine weight means lower operational power requirement!

Torqeedo’s six-tier safety system is the most comprehensive safety regime in the marine industry.

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Oxe Diesel Outboard Engines

(NZ release first quarter 2017)

Optimised for reducing life-cycle cost, Oxe diesel is a favoured solution for government services, coastguard, search and rescue operations and commercial applications such as fishing, oil and gas.
Robust Oxe turbo-charged diesel outboards offer a patented high torque belt drive, lower fuel consumption and surprisingly quiet running. Additionally, Oxe is highly rated for fire safety, low speed control and cabin heating.

If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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